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Here at Jalou we take our cocktails seriously. Your choice of tipple is a statement of your personality, your taste and style and we say ‘express yourself’. Our impressive collection has every flavor, color, shape and strength you could want, from elegant martinis to creamy Cookie Monster’s and flaming zombies. Explore our menu and find the drink that perfectly suits you!

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Pushing BoundAries

When it comes to our cocktails we push the boundaries wherever we can, using the latest premium products. From mystical dry ice, sweets, foams and amazing color changing compounds, our team are always on the lookout for the latest trends, ingredients and concoctions from around the world to introduce into our menu.

Modern Classics

We’ve created a varied menu that combines must have classics you’ll know and love with our very own original creations, and everything in between, pooling our collective knowledge to adapt and combine the best recipes and bring you the best cocktail selection in the City. For us, drinks should be more than just a refreshment, they should be an event!

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